Sunday, August 9, 2020

Masik ™ 16.0 for Mi Note 10 / Tucana

 Masik ™ 16.0

Updated: 8 August 2020
System: MIUI 12, Android 10

- Updated applications: "Camera", "Gallery", "Notes", "Desktop", "Messages", "Control Center", "Calculator"
- Added a time setting during which the maximum brightness of the screen will be turned on when calling
- Updated translation into Russian for some applications, updated edits in the English language of some applications
- Added the ability to turn on the carousel effect of recent applications windows
- Added the ability to turn on the automatic closing of the folder when the application
is launched - Added the ability to adjust the quality of recording telephone conversations from the line
- Added the ability to turn off alert sounds when the device screen is on
- Added the ability to select the display time of the SIM card from which the call will be made
- Added the ability to configure the 7 * 9 shortcut grid, the ability to put 8 shortcuts in the dockbar
- Added the ability to disable system applications
- Added the ability to enable / disable the global dark mode
- Fixed OK Google
- Much More


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